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By clicking 'Become A Member' you are agreeing to receive monthly invitations to the most exclusive, extravagant, and extraordinary underground dinner club in the country!

Thanks for your order!

Your membership begins the month you sign up, and continues for 12 months. If you signed up during the last half of the month, your membership will roll over toward the next month. For example, if you sign up August 27th, your membership will not renew until September of the following year. 

You will begin receiving emails at the beginning of each month, highlighting upcoming events. Please note - your membership gives you access to ANY event taking place in ANY area we are serving (i.e., Yakima, Washington, Nashville, Tennessee & Redding, California). And as we grow and develop the market with the World Food Championships, you'll also have access to any event throughout the rest of the United States. As always, you'll be responsible for the admission price, but keep in mind: every event is limited to Bite Club members only and up to two guests per member. 

Yes. You read all of that correctly. You get access to fine dining events, and fine dining COMPETITIONS all throughout the US as we grow and develop new markets. Welcome to the best dining club around! 

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